The Ammonite Galaxy series:


There are seven books in total in the Ammonite Galaxy series:

  • Book One: Valhai (published Oct 2010)
  • Book Two: Kwaide(published Oct 2011)
  • Book Three: Xiantha(published Oct 2012)
  • Book Four: Pictoria (published Dec 2012)
  • Book Five: The Lost Animas (published Sep 2013)
  • Book Six: The Namura Stone (published Sep 15th 2014)
  • Book Seven: The Trimorphs (published Sep 10th 2015)

From the author:

At a certain stage in my life I decided that I absolutely had to write this series. All my life I've had questions I couldn't answer, but my scientific background is not strong enough to make a difference through research - like Howard Wolowitz I only have a Masters degree! In any case I doubt we will have the right answers for many, many centuries.
So I wanted to express the feelings I have about alien life, the conclusions I've come to, the speculations I've made, in a different way.   I wanted it to be light and funny, and gripping and a terrific reading experience.  I hope it succeeds in being that.  I had to write this series for my own peace of mind, so yes: it is hugely important to me.
The fourth book in the series, Pictoria, is dedicated to all those who, like me, are still on a quest.  I think that says it all.

The best thing about writing a series is that the characters are already there, waiting for you to get back to them. The worst is that it becomes actually quite hard to let go. The series becomes so real to you that it is sometimes strange to drop back into your own life.