New names, words and expressions:


Bennel (A Coriolan companion and bodyguard)
Blue Namura stone (used for sharpening)
Carbon nanographite (used in the plate trap and on Dessia, to float islands)
Cesan tomato fruit
Elder hunting parties
Even a warthog can be covered in mud (Kwaidian ... appearances can be deceptive)
Hanna (Ledin’s sister)
Hanna’s Ridge (On Pictoria)
Journey of Colour (One of the Xianthan conditions of marriage)
Lady of Chamber
Lublank (The prison in Mesteta)
Matri (further diminutive of Magestra, or Maestra, a way of addressing one’s mother)
Morph (verb – to move shapelessly)
Morphic (generally a bimorph or a trimorph, could include the amorphs too)
Namiba (Lady of Chamber on Coriolis)
Namuri (the Clan)
Nucleotide polymorphisms (existing expression)
Petra (Tallen’s sister, one of the Coriolan thieves, Numari)
Resumption of consort privilege
Samoso (first introduced in Kwaide)
Tallen (Petra’s brother, one of the Coriolan thieves, Numari)
Tartalus (Diva’s second cousin, pretender to the meritocracy)
The Valley of Skulls
The wall of death (Leading down into the Valley of Skulls)
Thirty-second century (Coriolan time)
Titanium oxide compound (used to confuse the Dessites)
Widowmaker (The name of the place Bennel introduces Six to)
Xianthan poppy
Your ladleship (affectionate joke used by Six to address Diva)
Zorion(the officator on Valhai)